A Quick Starter Guide on the Practice of Mindfulness – Tech Cocktail

Did you know that meditation can be combined with a physical activity? Some people claim that meditating while walking enables them to experience a greater sense of awareness as compared to being in a sitting position.

Tech CocktailA Quick Starter Guide on the Practice of MindfulnessTech CocktailWe all have busy days, weeks, months…lives. But amidst the chaos, we need to remember how important it is to take some time for ourselves. If you’re anything like me your automatic argument is “If I had any time at all, don’t you think I’d already be …Just Breathe: Utilizing the Power of Mindfulness to Achieve Peace in BusinessBusiness.comall 2 news articles »…A Quick Starter Guide on the Practice of Mindfulness – Tech Cocktail

One of the easiest ways to help you learn meditation easily is to find a good meditation teacher to guide you. Realise that meditation is simple, just as long as you understand the basics and make it a point to have a regular meditation schedule.

Practicing meditation regularly helps make it easier for you to control your mind from wandering. There are different kinds of meditation, one is Walking meditation. Walking meditation involves focusing your mind on the whole experience of taking a walk. Discover more about how to practice this technique by visiting the links below. mindfulness practice


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